Is there high groundwater level on your lot?
Are basement walls wet in the spring?
Is it that you have no place to store home wine, kompots, preserves and organic conserves for your family?
Have vegetables got frozen in your cellar?
Are you and your family scared of a hurricane?
Are you fed up with heat?
Warmed cellar


The cost of the product - 345 000 rubles

This price also includes: installation of shelves, manhole, input and extract ventilation, and electric light. Guarantee period for the product is 5 years!

The cost of the specialist on-site visit for consulting and for installation of the cellar – 2 000 rubles. (within 60 km from the MKAD, further - 15 rubles for 1 km in one direction)

In the event that the contract of purchase and mounting of the cellar is concluded, the cost of the specialist on-site visit is returned.

The specialist on-site visit is carried out within 10 working days. In the event that you need an urgent visit and/or a visit during the weekend the cost of a visit doubles.

The specialist estimates the remoteness of the object from the MKAD, possible access way for heavy duty trucks, the possibility of the cellar installation on the owner's lot. The specialist chooses place for stocking backfill soil, consults the owner and gives out all the details.

The prepayment for the cellar should be made at the conclusion of a contract either on site or at the company's office.

Standard cost of installation – 35 000 rubles.

Mounting is considered to be standard subject to the performance of the terms on the delivery in Moscow region, digging of the excavation pit and mounting the cellar. The standard mounting includes the following services:

  • delivery of the skimmer within the MKAD
  • excavation by means of a skimmer (for example, Tatra UDS)
  • installation works
  • 2 road slabs 3000*1750*160

Cost of installation can be raised and is calculated during the specialist on-site meeting. It depends on the following factors:

  • Delivery of the cellar and mounting kit
  • Distance from MKAD
  • Restricted installation conditions
  • Increase of working time of the skimmer (transfer of soil on the site, soil loading in trucks, the possible layout of the site, etc.)
  • Other conditions (if an expert finds other obstacles for installation)




The product is patented. Unlawful use of the exclusive rights is subject to legal prosecution
(clause 1253 Civil Code of the Russian Federation, clause 147 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).
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