Is there high groundwater level on your lot?
Are basement walls wet in the spring?
Is it that you have no place to store home wine, kompots, preserves and organic conserves for your family?
Have vegetables got frozen in your cellar?
Are you and your family scared of a hurricane?
Are you fed up with heat?
Warmed cellar

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Yury, написать 11.03.2012 11:16

Hello! Is it possible to buy your product in Ekaterinburg? How much will the delivery to Ekaterinburg cost?


You cannot purchase our product in Ekaterinburg now. But you can order the delivery to Ekaterinburg. The cost of the delivery of the cellar with attachment devices (except concrete slabs) is 25 rubles for 1 km in one direction. Approximately 45 000-50 000 rubles depending on the place of delivery in Ekaterinburg or its region. The cost is excluding the insurance.

Askar 02.02.2012 10:37
Question: Hello. I've examined the cellar in details. I like it, it is rather expensive but very useful thing. I live in Astana (Kazakhstan), we don't have anything similar here yet. Is there any way to deliver the cellar to us? And are you planning to open a branch office here, after all, Astana is a city of builders?
Answer: Good whatever time of day applies, Askar! We haven't examined market prospects in Kazakhstan. We've got the patent for an invention relatively a short time ago. We've started only in Moscow region, but a dealer agreement is already worked out. We offer to conclude a franchise agreement to all who answer our requirements after the trade mark registration. In that case we are looking forward to cooperation with our neighbors!
Vladimir Ivanovich Frolov, написать 07.11.2011 11:06
Question: I have two questions. The first one is: what are the total dimensions of the cellar? The second one is: will you perform the mounting of a cellar in Gorohovetsky District of Vladimir Region (350 km from the MKAD)?
Answer: You can find the dimensions of the cellar on our site! The length is 3300 mm, the height is 2 500 mm and the diameter is 2400 mm. Our mounting dealer operates only in Moscow region, we don't have dealers in Vladimir region yet. We can mount it by our means but the cost of mounting will be big due to the following factors: the ferry of a skimmer, the delivery of a cellar itself with the following installation, the first specialist on-site meeting, the second on-site meeting for mounting with a team. Also there is such factor as distance from the MKAD. If you call to the office of the company, you will get the estimated cost of mounting.
Ekaterina 15.08.2011 19:48
Question: Hello. We are going to build a house. Could you tell us, please, is it possible to mount a cellar during the process of construction? Do we need to consider its location in the project? Is it possible to mount it in the ready-made house?
Answer: Hello Ekaterina! Mounting in the house which under construction is possible but you need to consider the construction phase. If there is a possibility to tie it to the project it will not be out of place. The easiest and the cheapest way to mount a cellar at first and only then to build a house. When the building is ready there is a probability of essential rise in price for the mounting of a cellar. When the object is ready (in most cases), the installation of a cellar is impossible because its dimensions are too big. One can consider the installation in the garage of the existing house but there are also many peculiarities connected to the installation of a cellar. In your case you should install a cellar at first (to bring out a marker in accordance with the project of a house) with parallel binding to the project and only then you should build a house.
Eduard 04.08.2011 15:25
Question: Good afternoon! Please let me know what will be cheaper: to buy two cellars or to order you one large-sized cellar ( for example, the diameter is 2,2 m and the length is 6 m)?
Answer: It will be cheaper to buy two cellars. When you order an individual cellar, we need to make necessary calculations and project and this will be much more expensive and will take more time.
Eduard 04.08.2011 15:17
Question: Good afternoon! Is it possible to install two cellars near: side by side and/or one after one?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. But there should be distance left between the cellars, the lowest value for the distance is 500mm. It is necessary to keep cellars from rising together.

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