Is there high groundwater level on your lot?
Are basement walls wet in the spring?
Is it that you have no place to store home wine, kompots, preserves and organic conserves for your family?
Have vegetables got frozen in your cellar?
Are you and your family scared of a hurricane?
Are you fed up with heat?
Warmed cellar

The construction of the heat insulated cellar and the technique of mounting it in the ground allow locating this product in any soils types inside or outside a house.

The heat-insulated walls and ventilation system provide constant all-year temperature conditions in the +2°C to +10°C range and a relative humidity level between 30% and 60%.

The cost of a ready-made cellar and its mounting is lower than the installation cost of the same-sized concrete cellar considering the need for the groundwater drawdown and waterproofing.

This construction is made with the use of modern materials - foamed polyurethane and glass fiber plastic as an outer shell and it gives ground to consider the useful lifetime of this product as exceptionally long.

The product has the form of a cylinder with side-frames in the form of hemispheres to reduce effect of frost heaving forces.

The internal volume of the product = 10,38 м3

The diameter of the internal covering is 2,2 m

The diameter of the outer covering is 2,4 m

The outer distance between side-frames is 3,3 m

The product is heat insulated and completely airtight; the walls are multilayered consisting of carbon steel, polyurethane foam insulant and glass fiber plastic outer covering. From the inside the walls are processed using soil over the metal and then two layers of enamel.

Input ventilation and extract ventilation are covered by the construction. They are placed at the opposite side-frames and provide constant humidity conditions.

The canopies are made of the dry planed material, covered with one layer of lacquer and allow to make an efficient use of all the volume of the ready-made product for the storage of food.

12V lamps are used for lightning. This voltage conforms to safety standards at wet and buried locations.

Download 3D-model (library element ArchiCAD)

The product is patented. Unlawful use of the exclusive rights is subject to legal prosecution
(clause 1253 Civil Code of the Russian Federation, clause 147 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).
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